Posted by: District Evangelist David Brady

As we look forward to this year’s International Day of Prayer for Peace, there are a few points that have come to mind, such as:
  • Why do we do it?
  • What good has it done?
  • How can we do more to achieve peace?

First, why do we do it?
In 1981, the United Nations voted unanimously, establishing September 21st as the International Day of Prayer for Peace for all nations to take a moment and commit themselves on working toward peace.

Secondly, what good has it done? 
As we look around the world, we see so much unrest, wars, and division one cannot help in thinking that this day has not accomplished what it was set out to accomplish.  This is not necessarily true. We know that when God’s children come together, the evil one will do whatever he can to drive wedges between us.  It is because of this that we must continue this tradition with diligence, not only on this one day but part of our daily prayers.  If Satan is listening, then we know God hears us also.

Finally, how can we do more to achieve peace?
One easy way, as mentioned above, is to include this in our daily prayers, but there is much more we can do.  Namely, live it!  During Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, he starts with the Beatitudes where he says “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God” – Matthew 5: 9 NKJV. My dear brothers and sisters, we cannot just talk about peace.  We have to live it.  When we are confronted with negativity, whether that be in our daily conversations with others, online forums, or even in politics, we must denounce any form of unrest and do our part to encourage peace. Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. My dear brothers and sisters, be the change! Let’s not just talk about it, but let us spread the light and peace of Christ to all corners of this world, starting in our own hearts and minds.



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