Posted by: District Evangelist Michael Wildfong

I’m writing to you today about something that is near and dear to my heart, FAMILY! They are one of the most precious gifts we have been given in life. We are very fortunate as Children of God and as Christians that we have two families: our natural families that we are born into and our spiritual family that God has given us!

I’m fortunate to have wonderful memories as a child growing up, sitting in my grandparents’ home, surrounded by parents, cousins, aunts, and uncles; singing songs and enjoying our time together. Don’t get me wrong, not everything was always perfect, but we knew we were loved and had family around us who loved us.

Someone asked me once, ”who do you have the greatest influence over in life?” I pondered that question and formulated this great dissertation in my head! The real answer was and still is today, FAMILY! We know as parents sometimes our children mimic us or try to act or portray us. They followed our example! Be it good or not so good, we have/had influence over them.

Jesus also had a natural family. We can read it in Mark 6: 3, where it describes that Jesus had four brothers and that He had sisters. We know that because of Jesus’ example, even in the natural, He had a positive influence on some of them. Through His teaching and example, some of them became followers/helpers of Christ in His work of salvation.

How have we influenced our family? Do we try to set the right example? Do our families know we love them? We all have had our own experiences, be they good or not so good. The one thing I have learned though is if you want to have influence, take TIME for your family, both your natural family and the spiritual one God has given you! Do not neglect either. 

We can have a great impact on both our natural family and our spiritual family by being an example of love, kindness, and forgiveness. Important is to spend quality time with each of them, take the time to let them know we care, that we love them, and we are here to help them!  Both families are a gift; both need our time and our effort. We can have a great impact on both!

We do not want to wait; we don’t want to say, “I don’t have time right now!” We do not want to accuse, blame, or condemn. “Time” sometimes is cut short. We wish we would have taken the time. Please don’t wish you would have; take the time now!

Wishing you a blessed new year ahead with all our love, until we meet again!



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