Learning and growing

Author: District Elder E. Damonze
August 2023

We all learn and grow (mature) even though we do so at different rates. Our mortal being continues to grow until, at some point, it either slows down or stops growing until our demise. This knowledge, however, does not stop us from learning and growing throughout our natural lives, as growth is not only physical, and we are never too old to learn. While learning and growing can be separated as subjects, it is a cycle in life that feeds on itself since we grow in knowledge and understanding, and learning leads to growth in many ways. It is wise to be open to learn rather than be a “know it all”. The latter attitude is limiting and stunts our growth. While we often choose what we want to learn about, the “University of Life” continues to teach freely, and we can also learn from many who are younger than us. When we embrace these opportunities, we experience how empowering it is as we continue to learn and grow.

Knowledge is powerful when we apply it appropriately. The true benefit of learning and the power of this knowledge can materialize in growth when we understand and apply what we have learned. That includes personal growth as well as wherever we positively apply this learning with our family, friends, or society. The application includes teaching others. Sharing the knowledge we acquire enriches our circle. While the mortal body eventually dies, what we learn and how we grow during our time on earth not only serves to benefit us and our society while we are here, it also serves to benefit our soul and spirit for eternity.

In this respect, we can learn from the greatest teacher ever, the omniscient God, our creator. Personified in His son Jesus Christ, God invited us to learn from Him in Matthew 11:29: “Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Scripture is filled with teachings from God for the benefit of our body, soul, and spirit. A few examples that enable spiritual growth when we learn from scripture and Jesus Christ:

  • How to apply the teaching of the Old Testament through the lens of the New Testament. Jesus fulfilled the law of the Old Testament (Matthew 5:17), taught us the law of love, and takes us to higher levels of understanding, as in Matthew 5:21, where He teaches us how to apply the knowledge of and benefit from the law in our present life while also maturing spiritually for our eternal life. 
  • That God wants all souls to live in eternal fellowship with Him. To this end, He sent His Son so that all who believe in Him could do so (John 3:16). Our faith in Him grows the more we learn about Him and His will for all souls, and when we apply and experience our faith. Our love for our neighbour also grows the more we learn from Jesus Christ.  
  • That He will return (John 14:3) to receive all souls who have waited for and prepared for His return. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, sent His Apostles (Matthew 28:20), and God the Father sent the Holy Spirit (John 14:26) to teach us so that we can prepare for His return, and learn to serve and reign with Him a thousand years (Revelation 20), and prepare for our eternal life with Him. Humility may be seen as a weakness by many, yet it is a sign of spiritual maturity, powerful, liberating, and a hallmark of those who will serve others with Christ.

Wishing you God’s blessing in your quest to continuously learn and grow in body, soul, and spirit.  



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