Article by: District Apostle Mark Woll

We certainly experienced a very different year in 2020. It was a year filled with anxiety caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, social and political unrest. Uncertainty, insecurity, and loss have been distinctive characteristics for many in the last months. On the positive side, we experienced people reaching out to their neighbours and into their community to help. We came to appreciate the things which we perhaps took for granted and now, with renewed determination, are committed to regain. The Lord Jesus foretold all of these experiences but also gave us His assurance:

“In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”
John 16: 33b
This New Year 2021 will also bring its challenges; however, we rally around the motto given by our Chief Apostle for this year.

“Christ—our future”

Christ remains our choice for the future. The return of Jesus and our preparation for it remains the goal that we have chosen to pursue.

It is in Christ that we find the energy and motivation for us to endure and remain faithful to Him. Let us keep our eyes on Jesus Christ, who remains our model. We shall not be impressed or discouraged by the difficulties we face or by the conduct of those around us. It is Jesus Christ who is the author of our salvation. He gave His life and gained the victory. He prepares all we need for salvation and guarantees that He will bring His work to completion. Today we make our decisions in life and faith based on the gospel and His teaching.

Our fellowship with our triune God in prayer, in the divine services, in word, and Holy Communion remains vital to our spiritual development. In the congregation, we share the same goal and the path to reach it. No matter how different we all may be, our striving remains to overcome all differences and be one in Christ.

By remaining faithful to Him, trusting Him, we can place our hope in His grace. Jesus Christ offers us and our fellow man a future like none other. Christ remains our solution for the future.



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