The joy of music

Author: Priest M. St. Denis
June 2024

Whether it’s the majestic sound of a choir and orchestra or the gentle playing of a pianist moments before a funeral service, music has the ability to evoke a full spectrum of emotions in the listener.

Music is also part of the divine service liturgy, which means it’s integral to experiencing the word of God. It not only unites the entire congregation, music can enhance the divine service by complementing the message, leading to a deeper emotional connection to the sermon. Perhaps you have a core memory from a song that was sung or played in a service that elevated your faith.

In order for music to continue to grow and develop in our church, we need to encourage and inspire our children to be involved. Through music, children can be drawn closer to Christ and the congregation. This can nurture future musicians and musical leaders. It is important to tailor our approach individually, as each child is unique. However, what must be consistent and genuine for each one is our love for them.

Our ability to communicate lovingly, effectively, and patiently in all areas of the congregation is critical to creating an authentic, inclusive environment for our children and members in the music program. This means showing understanding and kindness rather than frustration when children fidget in their seats or noisily open a candy. Our response should be one of love and acceptance, mirroring how our heavenly Father treats us and how Christ encourages us to treat others.

When the congregation works together so that each child and every member feels loved and wanted, there will be joy. And where there is joy... there is music.



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