Article by: District Apostle M. Woll

Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common. (Acts 2: 44)

I would like to extend our best wishes for a blessed new year to you and your families. Together with the Apostles and Bishops, I assure you of our collective prayers. Once again, by the grace of God, we welcome this new year 2022 and begin another chapter in our lives. As children of God, we look forward to our future with Christ; we continue to prepare for His imminent return. Christ will return to receive the assembly of believers who have come to the unity in Christ. Therefore, this year, 2022, our Chief Apostle has given us the motto, “Together in Christ.”

The triune God is the God of fellowship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who calls all people into fellowship with Himself. As Christians baptized with water and the Spirit, our greatest treasure is to answer the call of Christ and to be together with Him in the divine service. It is there that we share in His word, His grace, His body, and His blood. Together in Christ, we share our faith, our goal, and the same fight. It is in this fellowship we learn to live together, accepting the fact that we are different and looking beyond our generation, tradition, heritage, or even opinions. Christ calls us to serve together and to attend to the needs of our neighbours. Together we grow in the unity of Christ by overcoming our differences and taking on Christ’s nature. We become one body made up of many parts where Christ remains all in all. It is together in Christ where we receive what is essential for our salvation. We are strengthened to battle evil which only seeks to isolate, divide and separate us from this fellowship with Christ and one another.

The Holy Spirit comforts us and reminds us that our fellowship in Christ is stronger than death. We wait and prepare with our loved ones who have gone before us for the return of Christ. I look forward to sharing in this divine fellowship with you, and we shall remain together in Christ.



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