Author: District Apostle M. Woll
September 2022

As we approach our Church Thanksgiving Day, on Sunday, October 2, 2022 and, our National Thanksgiving on the following weekend, we have an opportunity to reflect on what we are thankful for: our faith, family, friends and the manifold blessing in our lives.

Often our thankfulness encompasses the past and the present which already provides ample reason to thank God!

I would like for us to look towards the future which holds even greater justification for our thankfulness. Nothing can compare in our life as we have it today to that which our triune God has in store for our future. Let us think about God’s plan of salvation and what God actually has in mind for us and all humankind. God will:

1.  lead us into a perfect fellowship with Him
2.  provide the resurrection body – absolutely perfect
3.  permit us to serve side by side with Christ
4.  make us perfect like Christ – His image and nature
5.  reunite us with our loved ones
6.  take away all sorrow, hurt, sin, evil and provide perfect peace where love reigns
7.  give us a perfect new creation

Let us take the time and intensively occupy ourselves with our future, our triune God, the plan of salvation and what it means for us and indeed for all humankind at each one’s appointed time. God’s love was proved by the sending of His Son. Jesus Christ died for you and me showing us that He loves us and promises to share His merit and glory with us.

God wants to give us everything and secure our future and actually asks very little in return, no great sacrifices are demanded of us, simply our belief, trust and our love for Him.

When our love is active we do not consider it a hardship to gather in fellowship in the divine services, we find ways to express our love towards God and our neighbour in a concrete manner and we are active in serving the Lord with our gifts.

“Together in Christ” is more than just a motto for the year; step by step it is who, what and where we want to be. It is the past, present and it is the future where we will be forever in a perfect state together with Christ.



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