Author: Apostle A. Martig
April 2022

After the Lord died on the cross, His disciples lapsed into lethargy: no word could describe their disappointment nor their confusion. The disciples of Emmaus left Jerusalem with a heavy heart, hopeless. Other disciples stayed together in Jerusalem, in silence.

When Mary Magdalene and other women first went to the grave, their heart was certainly filled with the same confusion and sadness as the other disciples. And then, they saw Him!

The Risen One gave these women the mission to announce the most important message received from God: “Now when He rose early on the first day of the week, He appeared first to Mary Magdalene, from whom He had cast out seven demons. She went and told those who had been with Him, as they mourned and wept. But when they heard that He was alive and had been seen by her, they would not believe it.” (ESV / Mark 16: 9-11)

The resurrection of the Lord is not only the most important event in the history of God’s plan of salvation, it also marks a turning point in the approach of the believers. Before, their faith was based on the signs and wonders of Jesus, which they had seen. After Easter, their faith was based on the resurrection. Through His resurrection, Jesus-Christ proved that salvation is possible through faith and obedience (cf. Hebrews 5: 7-9).

Because the Son of God shared our human condition, experienced the same difficulties that we do, lived a life without sin and brought a perfect sacrifice, resurrected, and was the first man to be saved, He is able to understand us and help us in all circumstances:

  • Before He was tempted and made to suffer, His Father told Him that He was His beloved Son, and that strengthened Him. He was not spared any difficulty but He felt His Father’s love tangibly and so, He strengthens those who suffer today by telling them “God loves you and He is with you”.
  • He felt particularly lonely when the disciples were too tired and too sad to pray with Him; today He intercedes for us, and when we are together in His presence, He prays with us to strengthen us.
  • When He was weak, He was strengthened by an angel who brought Him some food: He provides today the food we need in His word and particularly in sharing the body and the blood of the Risen One.

“He who believes in Jesus Christ and follows Him can already taste today the strength and the joy of the world that is to come.” (Chief Apostle Schneider, Easter 2021)



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