Author: District Evangelist G. Stanford
May 2022

At this time of year, there is a focus on the Confirmation Day across our great nation. Many of our young Confirmands from Halifax in the East to Coquitlam in the West are being prepared to say their vow and commit themselves to the Lord.

Our Catechism Questions and Answers explains the act of Confirmation in Question 663:

Confirmation (Latin confirmatio, meaning “reinforcement”, “affirmation”) is that act of blessing in which young New Apostolic Christians take upon themselves the obligations which their parents or guardians undertook on their behalf at their baptism and sealing. Confirmands vow to be faithful to God and publicly, that is, before the congregation, profess the New Apostolic faith. Once confirmed, these Christians, who have now reached the age of spiritual majority, bear full responsibility before God for their life of faith.

Our Confirmands, in their young lives, have received instruction for their spiritual fortification and knowledge from their parents or guardians, their Sunday School and Religious Instruction teachers, their ministers, and their Confirmation teachers. This instructional period helps them to make an informed decision as they state their vow to remain true and faithful to God and to renounce Satan.

The blessing they receive from their heavenly Father on their Confirmation Day helps them to keep their confirmation vow and profess Jesus Christ in word and deed. It provides a start on their spiritual journey however they do not walk this journey alone as our heavenly Father is with them every step of the way. Apostle Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians 15:57 “But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Let us also help these young spiritual adults on their spiritual journey by:

  • welcoming them in our congregations and youth groups
  • trying to understand them
  • praying for them
  • being there for them with a listening ear
  • providing gentle guidance through words and examples

We can also play a great supporting role as we enact our motto for 2022 “Together in Christ!” Together we become united and are stronger as our fellowship helps us all to remain faithful. By themselves these young souls will have a difficult time but there is strength in numbers. A single twig is easy to break but a bundle of twigs is very strong! Sharing our time, our faith, our knowledge, and our experience with these young souls strengthens us all!

Let us remember we are jointly on this path of faith and let us support these young spiritual adults that we can reach our goal of faith together!



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