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Service for the departed
Author: Bishop M. Wagner
July 2022  

The first Sunday in July brings us the second service for the departed of our Church year. This service is not only a reverent remembering of the souls who have left this earthly life but an opportunity for us to understand their soul’s conditions and reflect upon their desire to accept the offer of Christ’s salvation available to them. Christ’s sacrifice and the sacraments of Holy Baptism with water and the Spirit, in our Christian faith, are bestowed upon the believing souls during these special divine services.

Let us address two emotions—grief and regret—that are often a reality at the death of a loved one, but from a different vantage point—theirs.

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Author: Bishop G. Trautmann
June 2022

When we speak about birth, especially one in the family it moves us in a very special way. We are moved and joyfully celebrate the new life that comes into the family circle. Let us apply the same to Pentecost which is the birth of the Church of Christ and reveals God as being triune. Pentecost is celebrated 50 days after the resurrection of Jesus, Easter Sunday, and marks the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It is a feast of great joy for the realization, presence and activity of the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised the Holy Spirit and it was experienced in a powerful way. Signs were shown, the speaking of multiple languages, the tongues of fire and the baptism of 3,000 believers.

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Author: District Evangelist G. Stanford
May 2022 

At this time of year, there is a focus on the Confirmation Day across our great nation. Many of our young Confirmands from Halifax in the East to Coquitlam in the West are being prepared to say their vow and commit themselves to the Lord.

Our Catechism Questions and Answers explains the act of Confirmation in Question 663:

Confirmation (Latin confirmatio, meaning “reinforcement”, “affirmation”) is that act of blessing in which young New Apostolic Christians take upon themselves the obligations which their parents or guardians undertook on their behalf at their baptism and sealing...

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