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The joy of music
Author: Priest M. St. Denis
June 2024

Whether it’s the majestic sound of a choir and orchestra or the gentle playing of a pianist moments before a funeral service, music has the ability to evoke a full spectrum of emotions in the listener.

Music is also part of the divine service liturgy, which means it’s integral to experiencing the word of God. It not only unites the entire congregation, music can enhance the divine service by complementing the message, leading to a deeper emotional connection to the sermon. Perhaps you have a core memory from a song that was sung or played in a service that elevated your faith.

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Author: District Elder E. Damonze
May 2024

Pentecost includes the celebration of the birthday of the Church of Christ; the day when the first Apostles received the gift of the Holy Spirit and delivered a sermon so powerful that approximately 3000 souls gladly received the word and were baptized, becoming part of the first congregation of the Church of Christ. The significance of this day should also include the fact that it was when God revealed and manifested Himself with humankind as the third person of the one Godhead.

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Prayer works
Author: Apostle F. Dzur
April 2024

Almost a third of the year has passed. We have experienced the joy of Easter, and now as time marches on, spring unfolds in a wonderful manner. Our motto for the year, “Prayer Works,” remains in force. How is my prayer life? A question we can and should ask ourselves!

We know that prayer is critical for maintaining our faith. The catechism states faith without prayer is not a living faith (CNAC 13.1), and without faith, it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). Likewise, our prayers without faith become superficial.

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