Welcome to the New Apostolic Church Canada

You are warmly invited to join our virtual congregation that is prompted by the love of Jesus, the teaching of the Holy Spirit and the joyful awaiting of Christ's return, with special divine services online.  We hope you will take the time to discover how being a New Apostolic Christian can benefit you. 






Within the congregation, there are diverse groups with diverse needs.  New Apostolic Church offers care for all souls.   Our ministers proclaim and advocate the gospel of Christ to each diverse group.  Through listening, sympathizing with personal concerns and praying, our ministers provide soul care.  One feels loved because someone cares.  This is comforting and brings about peace and courage to carry on.  Soul care is also about sharing faith and knowledge to help each person grow in faith.


Posted by: District Elder Roy Sokolowsky

The word ‘Advent’ comes from the Latin word adventus, which means “coming” or “arrival”.  We look back with thankfulness at the arrival of Jesus Christ many years ago, but we are also awaiting His second coming. He will return in all glory and might, not as a baby in a manger!

Advent is the period that begins four Sundays before Christmas. It also marks the start of the liturgical year.  In many countries, Advent is celebrated by lighting candles. The flame symbolizes and commemorates the Christmas light that brought hope and peace with the birth of Jesus Christ, our Saviour. John wrote the following referring to His birth:

John 1: 9 (NIV) – “The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world.”

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Posted by: Bishop Mike Wagner

In this letter let us examine the emotional aspect of prayer. The soul is the centre of emotions that God gave humans when He first breathed life into man. I have a friend, who, many years ago, because of circumstances in life was given the advice to pray to his God. He struggled with this for a while and ended up seeking the guidance of a priest. After talking for an hour explaining why he could not bring himself to pray, the priest simply said, “Tom, just tell Him how you feel.”

Looking back through history, is that not how so many noble people found their way to happiness and success in life? They told God how they felt.

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Posted by: Apostle Frank Dzur

Most of you are no stranger to the many challenges that life can bring. The highs and the lows of everyday life you have experienced. Today we face another concern which is the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been forced to adjust our lives in different ways which have caused anxieties and perhaps difficulties not experienced before. Although our senior brothers and sisters are considered part of the vulnerable sector of society, I am convinced they are among the “faithful” of the Church. That being the case, I would like to share with you a recent text.

“Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7 

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