Thoughts on Thanksgiving from District Apostle Woll • September 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The feast of thanksgiving is an opportunity to reflect on the goodness and grace of God.  In addition, we remember those we share life with, who surround, support, and work with us.  We thank God for all the earthly and spiritual gifts.  The earth, our lives, and our communities for example.  He gives us strength to work and blesses our work.  Through Jesus Christ and His sacrifice, we have access to salvation.  God has provided, through the activity of the Holy Spirit, His word and sacraments.  By His grace we belong to the fellowship of God’s children.  We praise and glorify Him in word and in deed.  We prove our thankfulness by bringing our offerings and sacrifices.

God wants us to multiply what we have received and serve Christ with the gifts we have been given.  We are blessed so that we can be a blessing.  In addition to the many gifts we have received, we are blessed with perhaps a wife, or husband, children, brothers, sisters, parents, and friends.  Certainly, a gift in life.  We want to be a source of blessing for them as well.  The wealth of grace we have received qualifies us to do good and to be true disciples of the Lord.  We seek to please our Lord, Jesus Christ, to serve Him, and prepare for His return.

I am personally very thankful for every brother and sister; for all your work, prayers, and sacrifices for the Lord’s work in the many congregations and in the circle of your families.  Together we place our thankfulness before our triune God this Thanksgiving Day.

Together with the Apostles and Bishops in the Canada district, we wish all of you and your loved ones a blessed thanksgiving.


Mark Woll