Posted by: District Apostle Mark Woll


Again we have crossed the threshold into a New Year - 2019.  I wish all of you a blessed New Year filled with faith, hope, love, peace, strength, comfort, and joy; with renewed hope and determination we approach this New Year in the knowledge “…for with God all things are possible.” (Mark 10: 27)

In the past year we have focused on the motto “Faithful to Christ”.  Remaining “Faithful to Christ” lies at the center of our lives. For 2019, our Chief Apostle urges us to concentrate on the objective “Let us be Rich in Christ”.

Becoming “Rich in Christ”
The first condition for acquiring divine wealth is faith in Jesus Christ.  We demonstrate our faith and humbleness by:
  • Following the instructions of Jesus and by placing our gifts and talents into His service.
  • Giving up all that separates us from Jesus and expressing our gratitude by bringing our offerings to Him.
  • Accepting His servants which He sends to us.

Wealth in Christ
We aspire to be rich in love, knowledge, and peace.  The following are Rich in Christ:
  • They are loved no matter what happens. The Lord Jesus defends them and they feel the support of their brothers and sisters.
  • They have come to know God through Jesus Christ.  They know God is love and mercy.
  • They enjoy deep peace. They possess the pledge of inheritance through the rebirth out of water and the spirit. Receiving everything they need in order to attain the goal.

Sharing our Wealth
We share our wealth with our neighbor. Those “Rich in Christ” are rich in good works
(ref. 1 Timothy 6: 18):
  • They forgive as Christ forgives them.
  • They share a portion of what they have to help the needy.
  • They proclaim the gospel to their neighbour.

God is so rich that He can make all believers rich.  Let us make every effort in this New Year to become “Rich in Christ”.