Posted by: District Evangelist Mike Wildfong

I write to you today at moment of personal reflection.  How fortunate we are that we live where we live. May we take a moment to Pause, Reflect, and Pray for peace around the world. 

Today we don’t have to wonder what war torn countries look like, we don’t have to wonder how the people feel, we can simply watch the news on our TV’s, live stream on our computers or phones. We can instantaneously see what’s happening and see the anguish in their eyes. We are moved to Pause, Reflect, and Pray. Let us pray for those who live in these situations, for those who are victims of circumstance. Yes even our Brothers and Sisters who live in these areas, fellow Christians, and those who believe in the life of Christ. Often we forget that many of our fellow New Apostolics live in these circumstances.

We cannot become desensitized by what we see, there has to be a true sense of intervention when we pray to our heavenly Father for these souls and their circumstances. In Isaiah 38: 5 our heavenly Father says “…I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears;” God blessed Hezekiah due to his heart-felt prayers. Let our prayers be the same in God’s eyes.

There is another type of peace which Jesus offers!  The Lord Jesus said “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you...” (cf. John 14: 27).  The Lord Jesus effectively tells us that it is our responsibility individually and collectively to establish and maintain peace, however, Jesus gives us His peace which is a gift to those who believe and follow Him.  It involves us having a serene relationship with Him.  Jesus Christ reconciled us to God through His sacrifice and freed us from sin and guilt.  He watches over us and provides for our needs.  This assurance provides inner peace and hope for our future.  This peace is a fruit of the spirit which can grow and develop under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Let us seek His peace, ask for it, and pray for it. Our heavenly Father, our Lord Jesus wants to give it to us; seek the peace of Jesus Christ. We will experience His grace, we will experience His peace; they go hand in hand. In our Catechism it states there “the experience of grace fills the heart with God’s peace!” That brought a smile to my face and warmth in my heart when I read it.

Pray for peace in us, around us, and among us. Pray for peace for those around the world for today and tomorrow. May we and those we pray for experience God’s hand of grace.

Praying for you always!



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