JUNE 2019
Posted by: District Elder Bill Anker

Pentecost is known for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the response of those who received it, was amazing!

Filled with the Holy Spirit, Peter, with the support of his fellow Apostles, addressed all who had gathered. As a result from among the many gathered, some 3000 received the Holy Spirit (cf. Acts 2: 41), and they were added to this Christian fellowship.

This group had gathered from across the vast Roman Empire (cf. Acts 2: 5), had witnessed and participated in this special event. The power of the Holy Spirit made it possible for them to continue consistently within the walls set by the Apostles’ doctrine, fellowship, Holy Communion, and through prayer (cf. Acts 2: 42), just as we do today.

We are thankful for:
  • the Apostle ministry and the gifts of love, word, and sacrament which are available, through them, for us
  • our brothers and sisters and our fellowship with them; which we all benefit from. Like the first congregations, we are a varied group, whether it is by age, gender, talents, background, culture, etc. The fruits of the Spirit (cf. Gal. 5: 22-23), which are all expressions of love, offer us safety and the opportunity for growth.
  • Jesus Christ in Holy Communion. In His activity on earth, His presence changed the lives and understanding of many. His presence through sacrament makes it possible for us to grow into His mindset, Spirit, and nature. He is our mentor. It is our aim to be like Him and we shall succeed! (1 John 3: 2)
  • prayer; our connection to our heavenly Father. This desire for closeness is our response to God’s love and opens many doors to blessing. It fuels our awareness, our thankfulness, and creates a way for God to respond. Through it, we come to know Him and experience Him.
As with the first Christians, let us remain in one accord within the walls. In the congregation we can grow into the likeness of Christ and await the return of Christ. It is certainly not an event we would want to miss! There has never been an occasion like this before.