JUNE 2021
Article by: District Elder B. Anker

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Matthew 6: 33

An important day lies ahead for our confirmands as they publicly declare who they want to be and how they intend to live their lives. All who gather to witness and celebrate this event either look forward to their own confirmation one day in the future, or are reminded of their own special day in the past. Many of us still remember our vow and renew our commitment at every confirmation service we attend.

On this day, we declare to live our lives in the light of Christ. With Christ, our hands, our voice, and our heart will reflect His life and teaching in all situations we find ourselves in. As we fulfill this desire to live a Christ-centered life, we build our character which gives us credibility and makes success possible both in life and in faith. Just as our heavenly Father wants to be able to count on us, our future colleagues, families, and communities want and need the same. Being able to be counted on is an asset that will be rewarded not only by God’s blessing but also success in life.

This success begins with the conscious decision to be right in a Godly way, as Jesus would, in all situations. Without this conscious decision, it becomes very easy to react in a human way and then we must deal with the consequences of poor decisions or rash actions and words. In our vow on confirmation day, we make our choice between good and evil. The evidence of character is the consistent choice for good in both comfortable or challenging times.

Our heavenly Father will provide for us in all situations when we try to live up to our vow. Even when we are weak and feel inadequate, the Lord will provide. This is His response of love and is His blessing. As the days pass, we become more aware of God’s response, His love, and His support. This awareness gives us confidence in all situations.

Our promise on confirmation day is a wonderful decision to walk in Christ’s way. It leads us and guides us throughout our lives to the fulfillment of His marvelous promise to us. All along the way, notice His help, support, and thank Him for it. Remain in the fellowship of God’s children and His servants, then you will gather confidence in Him and become characters of faith, hope, and love!!! We wait and work for Christ’s return.

Blessed Confirmation Day.