APRIL 2019
Posted by: Bishop Gary Trautmann

Once again we come to a great celebration of our faith - Easter. It is a time of reflection, thankfulness, and inspiration. I am sure it was difficult for the early followers of Jesus to be thankful.  It appeared that Satan was victorious in his battle to seal the fate of mankind through sin. To the unbelievers, it appeared they had ended the conflict and heresy that they perceived in Christ. He was defeated.

However, the believers would soon see that Jesus’ victory was not brought about with His fists, but by His nail-pierced hands.
  • He triumphed with love, not muscle 
  • He retaliated with forgiveness, not vengeance
  • His victory was not won by force but by sacrifice
Jesus Christ our Lord won by surrendering. He surrendered His will to God. He surrendered tradition for truth.  He surrendered His life for mankind.

When we find ourselves in difficult and trying situations, let us follow the path of trust and obedience to the will of God as Christ did. Jesus gave Himself as the way, the truth, and the light to the world. When the way led to the cross and the truth was buried in a tomb, the light could not be extinguished or be kept there. God will always prevail and through Christ He also gives us the victory over evil. 

Let this light shine in us today, every day, and especially in the 50-day celebration of Eastertide; Christ’s victory from Easter to Pentecost. Going forward let us follow Christ’s example of discipline and sacrifice so that we too can triumph over evil and go to the Father as He did. This will be a true reflection of our thankfulness.