JULY 2021
Article by: District Apostle M. Woll

In His gospel, Jesus Christ teaches us to love our neighbour as ourselves and to treat others as we want to be treated. The recent discoveries of unmarked graves of Indigenous children at residential school sites are a stark reminder that this core message of the gospel has often been forgotten by Christians. We feel compassion and share the suffering of Indigenous families and communities who live with the reality of this intergenerational trauma.

We believe that out of love, Jesus Christ laid down His life for all people. God loves every person equally, and He loves everyone just as they are. This love enables us to overcome all differences. The gospel tells us to respect our neighbour as they are, with their traditions, background and culture. This is the message we want to teach our children and share with our neighbours through our conduct, showing how we can contribute to the peace, reconciliation and unity of all people.

Together we remember and pray for the many children who lost their lives, for the survivors and all who suffer with them, and for hope and healing through the love of Jesus Christ.