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You are warmly invited to join our virtual congregation that is prompted by the love of Jesus, the teaching of the Holy Spirit and the joyful awaiting of Christ's return, with special divine services online. We hope you will take the time to discover how being a New Apostolic Christian can benefit you. 






Author: District Apostle M. Woll
September 2023

What wonderful moments we have experienced in the congregations with our brothers, sisters, our children and our youth in the past year. Together with our Apostles, we carry you all in our hearts and prayers. We pause in spirit with each of you and thank our Lord for the privilege of serving together, the joy of sharing friendship and the grace of walking together toward the goal of our faith, which is the return of our Lord Jesus.

We have so many reasons to declare our love for our God, to express our gratitude to Him and to serve Him in His work.

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Learning and growing
Author: District Elder E. Damonze
August 2023

We all learn and grow (mature) even though we do so at different rates. Our mortal being continues to grow until, at some point, it either slows down or stops growing until our demise. This knowledge, however, does not stop us from learning and growing throughout our natural lives, as growth is not only physical, and we are never too old to learn. While learning and growing can be separated as subjects, it is a cycle in life that feeds on itself since we grow in knowledge and understanding, and learning leads to growth in many ways. It is wise to be open to learn rather than be a “know it all”. The latter attitude is limiting and stunts our growth. While we often choose what we want to learn about, the “University of Life” continues to teach freely, and we can also learn from many who are younger than us. When we embrace these opportunities, we experience how empowering it is as we continue to learn and grow.

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The communion of the Holy Spirit
Author: Bishop S. Mueller
July 2023

When we are surrounded by people who love us, we enjoy a fellowship of peace, security, joy, and love that makes us feel as though we could accomplish just about anything. There is no sadness, worry, or fear, and our world is in perfect balance and harmony.

Just imagine how much greater this feeling is when we are immersed in the very essence of God Himself, namely in the loving fellowship of the Spirit. That is precisely what is offered to us in the benediction that concludes every divine service, namely in the words: “The […] communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all” (2 Corinthians 13: 14).

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