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We invite you to visit one of our churches and experience the warmth of the congregation that is prompted by the love of Jesus, the teaching of the Holy Spirit and the joyful awaiting of Christ's return.  We hope you will take the time to discover how being a New Apostolic Christian can benefit you. 






Within the congregation, there are diverse groups with diverse needs.  New Apostolic Church offers care for all souls.   Our ministers proclaim and advocate the gospel of Christ to each diverse group.  Through listening, sympathizing with personal concerns and praying, our ministers provide soul care.  One feels loved because someone cares.  This is comforting and brings about peace and courage to carry on.  Soul care is also about sharing faith and knowledge to help each person grow in faith.


APRIL 2019
Posted by: Bishop Gary Trautmann

Once again we come to a great celebration of our faith - Easter. It is a time of reflection, thankfulness, and inspiration. I am sure it was difficult for the early followers of Jesus to be thankful. It appeared that Satan was victorious in his battle to seal the fate of mankind through sin. To the unbelievers, it appeared they had ended the conflict and heresy that they perceived in Christ. He was defeated.
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Posted by: District Evangelist Mike Wildfong

Service for the Departed always stirs up different emotions for many, including myself. The emotion for a loved one that is no longer with us is felt very deeply.  Some experience a deep sense of loss; this comes from a deep love and the closeness we had with our departed loved one.

In all three situations, the common theme is our “love for those who are no longer with us.” We are happy to pray and intercede for them as it states in our Catechism 9.6.1, it is easy to pray for them because of our nearness to them.
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Posted by: District Elder Don Emery

In February, a number of provinces celebrate Family Day. It is meant as a day to celebrate with family and to foster relationships.  Sometimes the family unit can become left behind in the ‘busyness’ of our time.  It is important to stop and reflect on what we have and to not let it slip away from us.

Each divine service we celebrate Family Day.  We are together with our God our heavenly Father.  As His children, He draws us together to open His heart.  He nurtures the relationship that He has established.  He tells us that He has always loved us, that He loves us now, and that He loves us so much that He wants us to be with Him for all eternity.  
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