Posted by: District Apostle Mark Woll


As we begin this New Year 2020, I would like to wish everyone a blessed New Year.  It is my wish that all may experience “prosperity” defined as the condition of being successful or thriving or flourishing.  This applies to our natural life as well as our spiritual life.  May we continue to become “Rich in Christ”.

Our motto and focus for 2020 will be on the spiritual dynamic, “Christ makes free” as given by our Chief Apostle Schneider.

God is free.  He does what He wants and is perfect.  His freedom is expressed in His unconditional love for mankind.  Jesus Christ is free.  He is free of sin, He freely gave His life and through this sacrifice gained complete freedom over evil.  Christ works on our freedom through the Holy Spirit which prompts us to repent, forgive, and change.

“Christ makes free.”  Jesus Christ makes us free by:
  • Delivering us from guilt and the bondage of sin
  • Enabling us to love and do good works without any conditions
  • Allowing us to be masters of our own destiny
  • Leading us into His glory
By remaining faithful to Christ, our destiny is to be with Christ eternally in the glorious liberty of the children of God.