July 2020 

Guideline for re-opening our churches 

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are thankful to our heavenly Father that He has provided for our souls during these past few months.  Many of us have enjoyed being served with His word virtually and in the comfort of our homes.

However, nothing can replace the full experience of a divine service.  We long to come home to our congregations, to celebrate Holy Communion, where permitted, and experience the intensity of fellowship with the Lord and with one another.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we will re-enter our congregations on August 2, 2020, for regular Sunday divine services only.  We would like to prepare ourselves and outline some of the measures we will all need to take to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Please consider the following guidelines:
  • Should you be exhibiting any symptoms of sickness, or are vulnerable due to medical conditions or age, please refrain from physically attending at this time.
    • Online divine services continue to be available and remain a good alternative for anyone who may be sick, vulnerable, or not yet comfortable to attend divine services in their congregation.
  • According to the local and federal regulations, we will need to respect the physical distancing protocols of 2 metres:
    • from the moment we arrive at church, upon entering the church, when moving inside the church, including when seated, and upon exit;
    • members of the same household are permitted to move and sit together;
    • we strongly advise that we do not gather in common spaces (e.g., vestibules, parking lots) before or after the divine service.
  • Face masks will be mandatory except for small children. We encourage all members to bring a pocket hand sanitizer and their own face mask to church.
    • In accordance with local by-laws, masks can be removed once seated, however, placed back on for the Lord’s Prayer, Holy Communion, or anytime you leave your seat.
  • Singing and playing wind instruments (incl. brass) are suspended until further notice.
Due to physical distancing requirements, our church capacity may be limited (i.e., number of attendees).
    • It will be important to know how many will be attending the divine service to allow for proper planning.  Please contact your Rector or your Priest to inform him of your intention to attend the divine service.
  • Greeters and Ushers will welcome you.  Please follow their direction as they fulfil a vital role and will assist you in the implementation of these guidelines.
  • Please allow sufficient time to be seated calmly by arriving at the church early.
  • Dear Parents: it is important to accompany your children at all times to ensure their comfort, adherence to the guidelines, and for the safety of everyone.
Let us pray for a joyful and harmonious return home to our congregations.

Mark Woll