Music plays a vibrant role in the New Apostolic Church. From supporting our divine services to performing concerts both large and small, there are many and varied opportunities for anyone to participate in music. If you play an instrument or enjoy singing and would like to express your talent to the glory of God, you are most welcome to join in our choirs or instrumental ensembles. 

Choral music plays a vital role in every Divine service in the New Apostolic Church. It is the striving of every congregation to have a joyful group of choir members to help express praise to our God and heavenly Father in every service. Several areas also have Concert, Senior, Youth and/or Children’s choirs which sing at various special services or concerts.

Instrumental music is developing in all areas in the New Apostolic Church in Canada. Highlighting this is our Southern Ontario Orchestra (SOO). Made up of players from across Southern Ontario, our group gets together normally on a monthly basis for practices and performs at 2-3 events per year. There are also opportunities to play instruments in congregations in smaller groups and even recorder programs for children!

If you are interested in sharing your musical talents, begin by finding a congregation near you.   
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Concert Choir of the New Apostolic Church Canada Kitchener District