You/your child may participate in activities which include, but are not limited to lessons or spiritual education:

  • divine service
  • choir practice at church
  • discussions at church or at a church leader’s home
  • Active games in a gymnasium or at a park (physical activities that may include: volleyball, basketball, baseball, capture the flag, hiking, walking tours)
  • Activities at the homes of volunteers and church leaders or participants (board games, barbecues, pool parties, movie nights)
  • Active activities in the community (skating, swimming, laser tag, bowling, scavenger hunts)

In all activities there is an element of risk.  While the New Apostolic Church Canada, its volunteers and church leaders take reasonable precautions to minimize these risks, there is no guarantee against injury or loss.

Some of these risks associated with typical activities include (but not limited to): scrapes, cuts or bruises, sprains, strains or possible broken bones; illness from known or unknown sources; unforeseen injuries from automobile accidents to and from events; unforeseen injuries from activities, equipment or actions of you/your child, other participants or other people, including negligent actions.

as of January 21, 2020