Article by: District Elder D. Emery

Music is such a beautiful gift; it can stimulate, relax and soothe the mind, body and soul. Each one can experience this according to their own musical style. Over the last months we have been able to experience many different musical styles in eChurch and this has allowed us to appreciate new beautiful text and music. I personally have loved the repentance hymns; so visual and so moving yet so different.

Music has such a wonderful place in our faith. In the divine services it prepares for the entry of the Holy Spirit. It helps us to separate from the earthly and prepares us to meet our God in Word and Sacrament. Throughout the service it continues to provide an important preparation or affirmation.

Music also finds its place in the Bible. To list a few highlights:

  • Already in the 4th Chapter of Genesis it mentions stringed and wind instruments.
  • At the dedication of the temple, David provided for 4,000 to play instruments to praise God.
  • At the Last Supper, they sang a hymn, probably a Psalm, before leaving for the Mount of Olives.
  • Revelation 14 speaks of the new song sung by the 144,000.

From this we can see that music has a place from the beginning to the end of the salvation work. It is a tool that helps us on the path to salvation; it is a gift from God. We miss live music in the divine services and we pray to experience it again soon. Once the restrictions have been lifted, please come and rejoin the choir!

To further the joy of music, we encourage children to take singing, piano, organ, or instrumental lessons. It takes years of work to become proficient but the joy of serving the Lord via music is incredible. We will never have too many singers, conductors, organists, or instrumentalists. Any investment made today will reap wonderful blessings of joy into the future for oneself and for the congregation!

Years ago, our District Leader used to make a soul care visit to our home and always asked us to play what we were studying in music. His continued encouragement, along with a promotion to play in the congregation, allowed us to progress and grow to enjoy music for decades after we finished our lessons. Children, may you also experience the same. Don’t give up, keep practicing, serve the Lord and experience the joy!