Service for the Departed



June 2016

Service for the Departed

The next service for the departed is a great opportunity to gain victories with Christ.
For us, the living, it is about interceding for those souls who have departed.  To do this, we must overcome:

  • The problems of everyday life which occupy us;
  • Our personal comfort - sharing in the suffering of those who experience misfortune requires effort and takes us out of our personal comfort zone;
  • The temptation to give up praying (what good is prayer, it is useless);
  • Our prejudices - we would not be credible if we prayed for some of the departed while condemning the living who find themselves in the same situation.
For one or the other, this divine service may also be an opportunity to gain an additional victory: by forgiving someone from the departed whom they had not been able to forgive until now. 

In the yonder world, some of God's children still struggle to forgive, to accept the will of God or to love those they did not consider to be their neighbour... 

Together, the visible and invisible Church supports the departed who have the desire to overcome that which separates them from God. 

Continuing His work of redemption, the Lord will deliver the souls from the yoke of sin; those who draw near to Him with faith and humbleness.  We can be certain that this Sunday, March 6, the right hand of God will manifest its power!  Many cries of triumph and salvation will resound in the tents of those who have been justified by grace!  "The voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tents of righteous; the right hand of the LORD does valiantly". (cf. Ps 118: 15).