New Apostolic Christians listen. The congregation comes together each Sunday and midweek for divine services to hear the living Word of God. Divine services are an integral part of New Apostolic life. The congregation remains attentive and listening to the message inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Word is timely and unique in each setting based on the needs of the congregation as prompted by the Holy Spirit. Divine services are not recited word for word. After intense preparation, the minister will be guided by what the Holy Spirit moves as an outlet of blessing for the congregation. Listening is a worthwhile experience bringing about inner peace and awareness of the soul's condition. Romans 10:17 "So then faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the Word of God."

Become a New Apostolic Christian. Listen to the divine services in a congregation near you. Align your life to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and prepare yourself for His return and eternal life.

District Apostle Woll - Preparing for Christ's return is a matter of the heart.

Apostle Frank Dzur - Be Confident!  Christ will complete His work in you.

Apostle John Sobottka - God wants to bless us in everything!