Serving and Leading Guideline.pdf

With this guideline the New Apostolic Church wants to create a uniform basis for serving and leading within the Church.  This guideline is intended to be mandatory for all and to help the individual, through Christian charity, understanding and esteem, to contribute to the unity of the Church and the community.  

Leading in the New Apostolic Church is never an end in itself, but should help all of the faithful to achieve the goal of faith, which is to belong to Christ's bride at the First Resurrection and to attain eternal fellowship with God.  Here the principles of Jesus Christ's teachings are binding.

Serving and leading must be guided by obedience to things divine, by fervent prayer, and by acting in the fear of God.  This will enable cooperative endeavors based on trust and a feeling of belonging.  The leaders of the Church attach great importance to assuring this style of leadership is practiced everywhere.