• Normally, sheet music is an exception.  We have many good songs available in our choir binder, Celebration Hymnal and congregation hymnal plus other selections available in music companion.
  • Sheet music should be reserved for special occasion divine services and normally only used before the divine service or as a final piece.  If sheet music is to be used during the divine service liturgy, only NAC sanctioned sources can be used.
  • A $10/local choir member maximum budget is permitted annually.  This would allow 4-5 pieces of music per year.

  • Once music has been selected, a sample of music should be submitted to the district music coordinator.  A scan of the music and a sound file should be emailed.  The district music coordinator should review the music and, if applicable, forward it to Natalie Martin (
  • Natalie will determine whether this music has been previously purchased and is available to be sent to the requesting congregation.
  • Natalie will forward the request for new purchases to one of the steering committee members for review and approval.  Once this has been completed, Natalie will place the order for the music. Wherever possible it will be delivered directly to the rector.

  • Original copies must be ordered for each choir member.  These originals should be numbered with permanent marker on the cover page and designated to a particular person.  If this is lost, it is up to the choir member to replace it.

  • Note that any requests must be made at least 8 weeks in advance of when the music is required.

  • Use of free sheet music should also go through the approval request if it is to be used in a service.

  • We encourage alternate arrangements of our current hymns as well.

  • This would also apply to requests for the purchase of instrumental music.

  • For sheet music requests for concerts, the same procedure would apply but consideration and accommodation will be given since this music would not be for a divine service.  Music for concerts is funded through the district's music budget and does not apply to the $10/choir member limit noted above.

November 5, 2014