Music should be reviewed for appropriate musical and lyrical content by the officiant before the funeral service.  Those selections outside the sacred realm should especially be evaluated.  Where concerns or questions arise, consultation with the district music coordinator should be sought. Music may be one of the many presentations;
  • Organ
  • Piano
  • Singing - choir, solo, duet, etc.
  • Instrumental solo, duet, ensemble
  • A combination of the above

Music should remain sacred and classical in nature.  The use of arrangements of NAC material/music is encouraged.  Our congregation and choir hymnals as well as the choir binder are the standard.

1. Nimrod from Enigma Variations 8. On Eagles Wings
2. Funeral March 9. Sanctus
3 Meditation from Thais 10. In Paradisum
4. Adagio for Strings 11.  Amazing Grace 
5. Pie Jesu  12.  The Lord's my Shepherd 
6.  Where'er You Walk  13.  Any selection appropriate from our NAC material 
7.  Agnus Dei     

Exceptions may be made for music before or after the funeral service, outside of the liturgy, however; these selections still need to be conservative in nature and limited to 1-2 selections.
Examples of these types of selections could be:
1. You'll never walk alone  4.  I will always love you 
2. The Rose  5.  Candle in the wind 
3.  Memory  6.  Hallelujah 
  • The NAC guideline for permitted instrumentation applies also to funeral services
  • Each one must be prudent to not use illegal copies when performing. If the music comes from outside of our NAC approved printed material originals must be purchased and utilized. For funeral services, since these are personal events, the cost for special funeral music that would otherwise not be used in our divine services should be covered by the family and/or the performers and not expensed to the Church.

June 22, 2012