Cambridge - Chief Apostle Schneider Hosts Pillar Discussion 

The international leader of the New Apostolic Church, Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider, visited a church in Cambridge, Ontario, on Saturday morning, March 21, 2015. Here he met with members of the church’s “Pillar” group: young adults who are active participants in church life. The event was also simultaneously webcasted to a broader church audience.

After being greeted by a group of children waving hand-made Canadian flags who had assembled on the church steps, the Chief Apostle entered the main church auditorium, where about 170 young adults welcomed him with enthusiastic applause. 

In a town hall meeting format, the Chief Apostle first answered questions submitted in advance, and then took questions from the floor.  

It was the Chief Apostle’s answer to the very first question, concerning the church’s stance on homosexuality, which produced his longest answer and which by many accounts made the biggest impact on the assembled group. After referring to the church’s official position, the Chief Apostle proceeded very passionately and logically to make the case for reserving judgement and loving people of all orientations. Discussion of this first question and answer reverberated throughout the luncheon which followed the town hall. Bethany R. commented, “I thought he handled the homosexuality question really well.  He put it on a different level; a refreshing perspective.” Michelle W. expressed a similar view, “The way the Chief Apostle framed the issue really resonated with me. We’re not here to judge. God is love. Our job is to love.”

The majority of questions dealt with during the Q & A period concerned church teaching, including such matters as literal versus figurative interpretation of scripture, and the evidence for life and salvation after death. A number of questions dealt with practical issues such as approaches to evangelism and the suitability of contemporary music in the liturgy. 

Many participants brimmed with enthusiasm about the Chief Apostle’s comments. Alicia D. found the meeting to be interesting and informative: “I especially loved his stance on judgement. Rather than telling people what we think is right and wrong, let love answer a lot of the questions we have.” Kyle B. also found the discussions enlightening, “It was a great way to meet him on a more personal level.”

Video excerpts of the meeting are to be available on the group’s web site